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How Writing Validated My Inner Methodologist

I’ve always been a Jill-of-all-trades, master of a couple. My interests lie everywhere, and it’s so hard for me to focus them. Exhibit A: I have degrees (between majors and minors) in psychobiology, chemistry, health education and behavior, biostatistics, epidemiology, and health behavior, with a concentration in quantitative methods. Oh, and just for good measure,Continue reading “How Writing Validated My Inner Methodologist”

COUNTED: Work in Progress

Genre: Psychological thriller with speculative elements (unique abilities). It will also have a full romance arc. The narrative is grounded in present-day North Carolina, and all characters are fully human. Characters:– Aerin Barlowe, a millennial heart surgeon who can never let on that she hears things that aren’t there. She knows magic is real, havingContinue reading “COUNTED: Work in Progress”

The Courage to Roar

I have a theory about the way the world works: we all experience some form of imposter syndrome at some point during our lives. That is, there comes a time when each of us questions our own legitimacy, owing to an overwhelming perception of ourselves as fraudulent or less than capable in the face ofContinue reading “The Courage to Roar”


Why is it so hard to accept our humanity sometimes? For me, anything less than the best is bottom-of-the-barrel. “I almost did it” will never be as good as “I did it,” even if I learned incredible lessons and thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Life is not black or white, good or bad, all or nothing.Continue reading “Perfection”


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Hi, I’m Jaimie! I’m a writer, dog lover, researcher, and advocate for people with mental illness.

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