How Writing Validated My Inner Methodologist

I’ve always been a Jill-of-all-trades, master of a couple. My interests lie everywhere, and it’s so hard for me to focus them. Exhibit A: I have degrees (between majors and minors) in psychobiology, chemistry, health education and behavior, biostatistics, epidemiology, and health behavior, with a concentration in quantitative methods. Oh, and just for good measure,Continue reading “How Writing Validated My Inner Methodologist”

COUNTED: Work in Progress

Genre: Psychological thriller with speculative elements (unique abilities). It will also have a full romance arc. The narrative is grounded in present-day North Carolina, and all characters are fully human. Characters:– Aerin Barlowe, a millennial heart surgeon who can never let on that she hears things that aren’t there. She knows magic is real, havingContinue reading “COUNTED: Work in Progress”

Writing While Depressed

I’m not a clinician, and this post is based solely on personal experiences. Depression is about more than being “down.” Sometimes it means nothing has meaning for you anymore. As a writer, it can be especially frustrating because thoughts are jumbled and words don’t come. You may stare at the screen for minutes–hours, even–but noContinue reading “Writing While Depressed”