COUNTED: Work in Progress

Genre: Psychological thriller with speculative elements (unique abilities). It will also have a full romance arc. The narrative is grounded in present-day North Carolina, and all characters are fully human.

Aerin Barlowe, a millennial heart surgeon who can never let on that she hears things that aren’t there. She knows magic is real, having performed it inadvertently as a child. But a sacred promise keeps her mum.
Daniel Julian, a millennial assistant district attorney named Special Prosecutor over the serial killer case that connects him with Aerin.
Luke Dillon, a former US Attorney-turned-recluse who lost everything to mental illness. He was Dan’s law school roommate and offers Dan a place to stay off the grid when things get hairy.
Marc Suarez, a well-regarded nurse and Aerin’s best friend forever. A lover of hot men and fancy cocktails, Matt would do anything for those he loves.

Premise: When a cult killer murders Aerin’s surgical patient, making him #4 in a string of numbered bodies, Aerin must uncover the sordid secret behind the sequence before her number’s up, too.

Theme: Do doctors kill? Ever?

Plotting was done using Save the Cat! structure.

Published by Jaimie Hunter

I am a writer of Young Adult fiction and non-fiction. I'm also a public health scientist and educator.

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